Betsileo Country Lodge near Ambalavao

This – 98% solar powered – lodge is situated close to Andringitra NP, Parc d’Anja and directly on the RN7. Betsileo Country Lodge is a beautiful spot on a hill overlooking mountains, rice fields and the local Betsileo life! The lodge offers beautifully decorated airy rooms with spectacular views on the mountains and fresh food from their colourful garden which you can enjoy after your adventurous walks.


Located halfway between Antananarivo and Toliara, it is also the perfect place for a lunch stop. Betsileo Country Lodge is the ideal base camp for all your adventures in and around Ambalavao.

Résidence Madalief near Antsirabe

Residence Madalief, a social and sustainable hotel on the highlands of Madagascar, opened its doors in 2010. A hotel with 13 comfortable rooms, it aimes to provide income for the NGO Stichting Madalief ( or and its projects, and to create jobs for the grownup children of the association. All benefits go directly to the projects in Antsirabe and Ambositra.


The hotel is found in a small forest at 7 km south of Antsirabe. Follow the Route Nationale 7 for 6 km southwards. On the crossing Andranonahoatra, follow the signs of ‘Pepiniere Ambatolahy’ to the left. After one kilometer on the dirt road you will find the sign of our Residence Madalief on your left, turn left and after 500 metres you will arrive at this heavenly place.

Hotel Solidaire in Mangily

The Mangily Hotel Solidaire is a sustainable tourism initiative, priding itself on responsibility and solidarity, whose profits directly benefit the local community through various educational and environmental conservation projects of the Malagasy NGO Bel Avenir.


The hotel promotes alternative tourism based on sustainable tourism that respects the local cultures, that has an economic impact on the host community and that prioritizes the respect of the environment.


Respecting the environment being one of its priorities, Hotel Solidaire is particularly attentive to all concerns about its resource management. The hotel’s energy is produced through solar panels. A rigorous program of waste management is applied. Finally, to respond to the amount of CO2 emissions, the ONG Bel Avenir team rallies around the continuous restoration of the forest and for the regeneration of the mangroves around Mangily.

Tsarasoa Lodge in the Tsaranoro Valley

At the crossroads of a more responsible tourism and a very eco-sensitive approach, Tsarasoa welcomes you to the heart of Sahanambo. This accommodation is a brand new infrastructure that emerges from the earth and develops at the rhythm of Nature, at the foot of the summit of Langela, facing Tsaranoro, on the western flank of the Andringitra massif, in Madagascar, 23° south of the Earth’s equator, 9th planet of the solar system, constellation of the Zodiac, galaxy among galaxies, somewhere lost in an apparently infinite and constantly evolving universe.

The very design of this perma lodge is resolutely original. Here, neither square nor compass, its installations follow the ground as closely as possible and play by the architectural rules; you are in the heart of Gondwana.


The founder of Tsarasoa wanted to create a unique space, with a definitely positive ecological balance, where you can really relax and detach yourself from your reality, without moods or bad conscience. Everything here is powered by solar, wind and local elbow grease. No generator humming, a kitchen mainly made of wood and charcoal, a totally organic food production in constant progression, a well-established orchard, a growing forest, our choices are irrevocable, interplanetary, …