Frank Janssens

During the first decade of this century, Frank worked as a travel guide just about everywhere on the vast African continent. Once in a while his journeys brought him to the red island of Madagascar. In addition to classic tours, Frank started to explore its off-the-beaten-track corners, and it didn’t take long before he didn’t want to leave anymore. Since 2011 Frank has been living, working and traveling permanently on and across this beautiful island continent.


2011 was also the year that Frank founded MADAFOCUS. It is the classic story: “Seasoned Africa traveler sits at his kitchen table and creates his small business: a small-scale travel agency that will be engaged in organizing trips in Madagascar.” In the first years, MADAFOCUS mainly organized trips for Frank’s former employer and a few dozen direct customers. In 2014 several tour operators from Europe explored Madagascar and asked MADAFOCUS to become their local agent. Frank’s business slowly unfolded from a small local tour operator to Madagascar’s leading destination management company.