Group tour 2021

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Group tour 2021

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Group tour 2021 :

Although Madagascar’s borders will open on November 6, it is no longer possible to continue with our Back 2 Basics group tour, planned for November the 8th. We are planning a new B2B group tour in the course of next year. On to better times!

In response to its promise and desire to get back to the essence of travel, MADAFOCUS organizes a Back 2 Basics group tour in 2021. It will be a journey which the lover of the great outdoors, mountains, valleys, canyons, rocks, mountain peoples and villages, vast plains, natural swimming pools, refreshing waterfalls, unique wildlife, endemic flora and fauna, but also special encounters, local dishes, bustling markets, colourful towns and charming places to stay … will surely fully enjoy.


You will explore the Ibity Massif with its floristic, faunistic, geological and cultural riches, traverse the lost land of the Zafimaniry hill tribe, hike through the wilderness of Isalo National Park for several days and scale the spectacular rock formations of the Tsaranoro Valley.


But it’s not only hiking and climbing! Back 2 Basics also means exploring the countryside to experience how the highlanders live from the land, discuss the reality of this island continent with your guides around the flickering campfire, mingle with the locals on cattle markets, sample the street food and the local brew, camp out in the bush or stay in local inns or charming boutique hotels.

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