What is Back 2 Basics?

What is Back 2 Basics?

In the wake of the 2020 corona pandemic, we decided to look again at the essence of travel. We wanted the same feeling back as when we started so many years ago. We craved the enthusiasm of the start-up. We wondered if we could turn our company back towards the true values of travel.

Coinciding with other global issues such as the climate crisis, this period of involuntary inactivity required us to self-reflect. We decided to set up a project team that would think about this and come up with ideas that could answer our concerns and guide us with our new insights. We named the project team Back 2 Basics. As you all know, back to basics involves returning to the simple and most important things, a return to previously held values.

The mission of this think tank consists of developing travel formulas and itineraries that fit into this new approach. Our team will seek cooperation from our tour operators abroad as well as from our domestic partners in this matter. Some of the keywords in the Back 2 Basics assignment are active and sporty, nature and culture, sustainability, slow travel, local partners, honest enjoyment, the great outdoors, camping, low budget and of course, as few domestic flights as possible.

The project team has been given space on the website to display its plans. The new travel formulas and itineraries will be presented here. You can expect lists of newfound sustainable hotels, eco-lodges, ecotourism projects as well as modules in which we propose slow travel, meet-the-locals and the great outdoors. All this can be used in both tailor-made trips for the individual traveler and for group trips. Sales teams and product managers of our tour operating partners overseas, will be invited on reconnaissance trips in which these novelties are presented. Occasionally, we will turn directly to the traveler and invite them on a special project tour.

Our Back 2 Basics project team has a never-ending mission. This means that their space on the website is constantly buzzing. So, keep an eye on it, come by every now and then to see if there is something new. Naturally, the team will make intensive use of our social media to announce novelties.